Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day of Remembrance

I have to apologize for the lack of posts recently.  I feel as thought I've been swallowed by a new school year and a new position.  It has certainly brought its challenges in just a few short days!  I promise to be back soon with new posts.  However, I had to stop in to acknowledge the day.

It is September 11th.  It is a September 11th filled with all the emotions and memories it brings.  Rather than blog about it again, I will simply leave you with THIS LINK to my post last year regarding the day.  Living so close to New York, it was a day that greatly changed the lives of many in my community.  I think we have all been touched by the tragedy in some way, regardless of where we live.  Let us always keep those loved ones and heroes lost to us in our prayers.

See you soon with some new posts, 
but until then take a minute to hold those you love close and be thankful that you can.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hello September!

Hello September!  
When did that happen?!!!!  I know many of you have started school, but here in NJ the festivities don't begin until later this week.  I start on the 4th and my friends report for their first day of school on the 6th.  

Posting has been light as I've been juicing every bit of fun I can out of these last two weeks.  In fact, today I did the .NJ Color Run.  Did anyone else from Jersey do this today?  It was soooooo much fun!  I was a mess at the end. If you ever do it, be prepared to be messy!  I don't ever post pics of myself as I do this blog somewhat anonymously, but here is a picture of the back of my head after the run.
Thank goodness it all washed out.  You can't begin to imagine what the rest of me looked like.  I can't wait to do it again next year!  In the spirit of fun, this Labor Day weekend before school starts is going to be filled with fun things.  That includes The Color Run, the beach, friends, family, barbecues, and lots of frozen watermelon margaritas!  But, not a lot of posting on the blog.  I plan to get back in full swing once I'm back to school.  There's always plenty to post about then.

In the meantime, I will leave you with this little nugget.  Remember the post I did a while back about one of my favorite books by Patty Lovell, Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon?  

It is a great book for the beginning of the school year.  It's great to read as an example of how everyone is special in their own way.  If you click on the link, it will take you to the post I wrote and explain more about the book and how I use it.  The good news is that there is finally a new Molly Lou Melon book coming out!  It's called Have Fun Molly Lou Melon!

The book is due out on October 25, 2012, so I haven't read it yet.  Here is the blurb from the Amazon site:
  • The long-awaited return of an irresistible bookseller favorite!   Molly Lou Melon's new neighbor, Gertie, has all the latest toys, a cell phone and the biggest TV ever. But even after playing with all of them, she's still "bored, bored, BORED!" Luckily for Gertie, Molly Lou Melon has something even better: her grandma taught her how to make her own fun! With her elaborate homemade toys and imaginative backyard games, Molly Lou shows Gertie a whole new way to play.  This award-winning author-illustrator pair celebrates a trend that readers of all ages can get behind--good ol' fashioned imagination!

Just from the blurb, I'm thinking this book would be good for kicking off a creative writing piece.  "What homemade toy or backyard game can you invent?"  It could be used to kick off an expository piece for a how-to or description.  Your friends could explain their invented game or toy.  I especially like the theme of this book.  The idea that you don't need to have all the latest and greatest things out there to have fun is something all kids need to learn!  Even if you don't do a blessed thing other than use it as a fun read aloud, you will love it.  The illustrations are fantastic and you get to revisit Molly and her teeny, tiny grandmother.

As I wrote, I will be back to regular posting once the school year starts.  Until then. . . 
Enjoy Labor Day Weekend!
If you want to know a bit about the history of Labor Day, CLICK HERE
 It's not just about beach and barbecue!