Monday, September 27, 2010

Teaching it "Old School"

The power went out in my building today.  
It was a dark day. 
And, it totally didn't help that it was raining all day. 
The skies were gray, and little sunlight was filtering in.
The kids had lunch in the darkened cafeteria. 
Then, it was time for math class.

Let's just say no power = no technology.

I hadn't realized just how much I have come to depend on my Promethean board. So, in the "old school" spirit, I dragged the chart stand from the back of the room, grabbed my scented Mr. Sketch markers*, and rolled with it.

Turns out I can still kick it "old school!"  The lesson went on, the kids participated (probably more from the novelty of how we were using and then flipping through reams of chart paper like crazy) and they learned.  Even though they are up at the Promethean board all the time, they were loving coming up to the chart stand and using a good, old Mr. Sketch.  It was a good, dark day!

That is if you don't count my now magic marker multi-colored hands.  It must be one of those "you know you're a teacher when" things.
Q:  Are you a teacher?
A:  Yup!  And, I have the multi-colored hands to prove it!

*By the way, how much do you love Mr. Sketch scented markers?  They are my favorite!  The color is true, they last a long time, and they smell good.  Seriously, forget the kids, I have to stop myself from sniffing them in class!  If you don't have them, go get some!  And, as for the multi-colored hands?  Mr. Sketch washes right off.
(Just my personal opinion.  The Mr. Sketch people don't even know I exist!)

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