Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Asked For It. . . Again!

Just a quick check in for a couple of reasons:

1.  I've gotten a lot of recent requests for the VOICES headings I use.  I actually got a lot of requests a while back and did a post with a link that will allow you all to download them.  Here's the link to the post:  VOICES Headers  It should still work, but if it doesn't just let me know in the comments.

2.  And, the other thing. . .  It was nine million degrees in my classroom today!!!!!  (Yeah, the second thing is just me whining about the heat.) Well, not really nine million degrees.  But, it doesn't feel like much of an exaggeration.  It was 91 degrees outside and close to that inside  I happen to have a second floor classroom with a wall of windows.  Only three of those windows open, and for safety reasons, they only open about ten inches.  It was a steamy day to say the least. 

My friends had to take a math test this afternoon, and I knew they were going to be too hot to concentrate.  I couldn't even think today.    So, being the smart cookie that I am, I knew just what to do. . .

Flavor Ice to the rescue!  I actually picked up a box of 200 at Costco last week and threw them in my freezer.  My friends and I are in school until June 15th, and history tells me there will be a few scorchers among those days.  Today being one.  This morning I grabbed a bunch and put them in the freezer in the staff lounge.  When it came time for the math test, everyone got a Flavor Ice.  You would think I handed them gold.  End result?  Happy, cooler children who did very well on their test!

Here's hoping your day was cooler than mine.  :-D


  1. My classroom was not much cooler, but what a great way to beat the heat!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. I think at exactly 2:40 the air stopped being cool. Felt like a sauna! I bought popsicles on my way home!!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. I was on a field trip today and it was HOT! Wish there were ice pops!


  4. Awww- that stinks! I thankfully have air controls in my room (they only work when the boiler is turned off, which is usually after spring break and before fall break- there are normally a few hot weeks in between, especially this year!).

    Great idea for the ice pops!

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