Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hallway Decorating and Great Printables

Two posts in one day!  
I know!  
Don't fall over!  
I'm just happy with how my last little 
school project came out and wanted to share.

I spent the last two mornings getting my classroom organized for the coming school year.  Since I don't have a homeroom, there wasn't much to do. . . if you are a normal person.  Which it seems I'm not.  Yes, I changed my bulletin boards and totally arranged the classroom for my nonexistent students!  Even thought I really only use the room on my prep periods, I still wanted it to look nice.  Also, it seems likely that I will be pulling some friends to the room for small group instruction.   I'll show you my new classroom set-up in another post.

Today, I want to share with a great web site that inspired me to use her printables to decorate the outside of my classroom.  Are you familiar with the web site technology rocks. seriously.?  I found the site through Pinterest.  This blog, written by a teacher, has AMAZING printable posters that are perfect for the classroom.   The link above will take you to her printable page of school themed signs.

Using her amazing posters and some sparkly border, this is now the outside of my classroom.

You know I have the gnarly orange lockers outside my room.  They always challenge me to find vertical displays.  I knew I wanted the posters up, but I wanted to connect them in some way.

I got some sparkly border paper and taped two pieces together from the back.  It gave me a nice wide design with cute wavy edges.  I put those on the lockers and wall.  I then printed out color copies of her posters on white copy paper.  Using a glue stick, I attached them to some bright yellow construction paper and laminated them all.

The last step was to stick the posters on top of the border to the wall and lockers.  Easy peasy!  I put two on each locker and three on the wall.  Here's are some up close.

As I noted, all the posters (except for one) are from the blog technology rocks. seriously. I used a couple of them in my room last year, but this year I used a bunch more. And, I didn't even print out all she has.  THIS LINK will take you to her printable page where you will find links for school signs, holiday signs, faith signs, and sonic signs.  Seems she has a thing for Sonic!  All her signs are wonderful!  And, they helped make the space outside my classroom a spot people stop, read, and think!

Don't forget to scroll down and read the professional goals and a winner post I published earlier today.  It really gives you some food for thought as to what is a priority to work on this year.  
And, if you are the big winner Silvia, don't forget to email me your mailing info!


  1. I love her posters!! They look great on your lockers!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Her posters are awesome! I just put some in my room too. Yours look great!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. Love the posters...thank you so much for the link. I will definitely print some for my empty bulletin board in the hallway! Very nice...thanks again!
    <a href=">Mixed Bag of Crazy</a>

  4. Some day I will get the linky thing right :(

  5. I love these posters and your display of them looks fantastic!

  6. Your site is phenomenal. I feel blessed to have found it before the school year has begun! Do you have a link to your pinterest account on here somewhere? I would love to follow your pins.

    1. You are so nice! I'm glad you like my blog. Sorry to say that I don't link my Pinterest account to my blog. I'm going to have to do that one day soon. I'm in the slow process of redesigning my blog, so that is something I've been thinking about adding.

  7. I love the way you have displayed these! I have them downloaded but just didn't know what to do with them! Great idea.