Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm a Teacher, Just Not an Art Teacher!

My friends are studying Sir Isaac Newton's Laws of Motion.  We've done some activities and experiments with balloon rockets, and it's been a lot of fun.  To summarize the laws, my friends made a flip chart.  They had to write each law in one of the three sections, and then create an illustration that demonstrates the law.  I think they came out very well.
Here are some of the illustrations they did to show their understanding of the laws of motion.

My friends' work came out great!  Their teacher's work is a whole other story. 
Take a look at the sign I made.  Yeah, that guy is supposed to be Sir Isaac Newton.

 Let's take a look at a more professional image of our friend Isaac and mine side-by-side.

Can we all agree that while I am a teacher, I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am in no way an art teacher?  I think things went wrong around the eyebrows.  My Isaac looks like he's definitely up to something weird!  Then, there is the nose.  Apparently, the real Sir Isaac had a ummm. . .  let's just say proud nose.  My Isaac ended up with a bit of a piggie nose.  But, the hair is pretty close, sort of.
  The good thing about teaching 5th graders is that they are not art critics!


  1. I am not an art teacher either! I am impressed by your cute lil Isaac newton!

  2. That is definitely a better Isaac than I could ever draw!

  3. HI Nancy!

    I gave you a Shout Out on my blog!
    Come take a look!
    (I love your blog!)

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  4. Hi Nancy! I love your Issac Newton flip charts. Can you please share some details about your lessons on balloon rockets? Thanks!

  5. Your Isaac Newton is cute!! :)