Monday, April 14, 2014

I Did It!

I did it.  And, now I'm thinking, "Oh, my! What have I done?!"

If you read my blog, you know that a blog design with Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs is well underway.  You also may know that I set some blog goals this year, one of which was to create more literacy projects and dip my toe in the Teachers Pay Teachers site.

Well, Megan asked me for a link to my TpT store for the blog design.  What?!!!  You mean I actually have to have something going on there in order to have a working link? :-)

Since I had to have something ready to go, I decided to put the My Favorite Book bookmark that I created last August up as my first product.  It is still a free download, but it is now available in my Tpt store.  (Yikes!  I can't believe I just wrote that - my store!)

So, there it is.  I did it.  I finally opened a Tpt store.

Now, don't expect much for a while!  I had really planned to launch that whole project over the summer when I had more time to devote to it.  However, needing it ready for the new blog design got me moving now. I know I totally need to redo my "about me" blurb on the site, and I'm not sure if I will be ready to put anything else up for a bit.  I'm sort of baby stepping my way through this.  I should also mention that the store button does not reflect the new blog design just yet, but it will!

This is probably a good time to update the blog goals.  My last update was in February, so here's a quick one:

1.  Finish Blog Redesign - Sooooo close to being done!

2. Make at Least 6 Literacy Based Resources/Projects - Have some in the works, but nothing done yet.

3. Blog at least Twice a Week - Ummmm, no comment.

4. Step Up the Social Media Portion of the Blog - I'm trying!  There will be social media buttons on my blog to make it easy for you to follow, so I need to make a conscious effort to keep up with it all.

5.  Organize the Labels on Previous Posts - In progress!  Hoping to get it done this week!

6.  Connect with Other Bloggers - Not much progress here at all.  I love so many other blogs, but am still slacking on commenting.  I also need to make an effort to hook up to more linky posts that I can really add something to.  I don't want to link just for the sake of linking.

  If you have a Tpt store and have any words of wisdom for me, please share!  Or, if you buy from them, what do you wish sellers would or would not do? As I said, I'm sort of baby stepping my way through it all and would love, love, love any advice!


  1. Congrats on starting your TpT store!! I started mine back in September on a lark! Can't wait to see the new design!


  2. TpT is a slow and steady process. Don't get discouraged. Try to come up with your own style and things that you find useful, not just modeling your products after others you see. Good luck!

    Fifth in the Middle

    1. Thanks for the advice Diane! I completely agree about finding your own style. So important!