Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Great Blog-land Find!

I had to pop back in today for a quick post.  I wasn't planning to post today, but when I saw this I knew I had to come back and tell you all.  Mrs. Smith of the blog Classroom Magic did her own post on the book Testing Miss Malarkey.  You need to go visit her blog.

She was able to find an online link to the book!!!

I'm not going to post it here since it was her find, so you have to go to her blog to get the link.  My first link above will take you to her blog post.  The second will take you to my post about the book.

Mrs. Smith also came up with this "sweet" poster for test prep.  I love it!!! 
She has a whole test prep incentive chart to go with it.  It is a really neat idea.  When you visit her blog, you can read about it in depth.  This is what I love about teacher blogs.  There are so many great ideas out there!  I always say the best teaching happens when teachers collaborate and share ideas.

Again, here is the link for Mrs. Smith's blog. . . Classroom Magic.  Go show some love!