Sunday, April 1, 2012

Speech Bubbles

Hi Everyone!

It's been  a crazy week.  I have been trying to get so much done with my friends before our spring break.  We have a four day week starting tomorrow, and then off for a week.  Sooooo excited for some time off.  Although, I will be bringing home my third quarter assessments to grade.  Hoping I am able to get them done over the next four days so I don't have to.  We'll see.

Do you remember a post I wrote about one of my friends who had a serious accident?   Well, my friend is still in the hospital and may be for a while.  I had my class make get well cards.  They came out great.  I mailed them off and got a lovely email from my friend's mother thanking us all.  However, I am hearing that my friend is a bit sad about being in the hospital for so long.  So, what else could we do?

I decided to have my friends make a joke book.  They all either wrote their own joke or wrote down their favorite joke.  Then, I took lots of pictures like these, without the yellow smiley faces of course!  I do wish you could see the faces they were making.  They were so funny!
I printed out a bunch of them on regular printer paper.  Then, I gave them to my friends who used thin Sharpies to write the jokes on the bubbles.  The bubbles were just large pieces of white oak tag.  I traced the speech bubble and made a dark outline.  I did have to tape a web of clear and white rulers on the back so they would stand up when my friends held them.  We had a lot of fun taking the pictures.  The joke book came out great. We made a front and back cover, which I laminated and then bound the book.   I also left some blank pages in the back of the book for my friends to write some cheery get well notes.

Then, I got to thinking about what else we could do with these pictures.  Hmmmm. . . .  okay, I'm drawing a total blank!  So, I'm coming to you.  What else could I do with these pictures?


  1. They could work on writing dialogue?

  2. LOve this! I might do something like this for Mother's Day...have them write a message to their mom and snap a picture =)

    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. What a great idea! I always wish for something beyond a basic card that we could do for friends who are out sick for extended time.
    Maybe you could use them to work on subject verb agreement? Dialogue / punctuation too! I had a teacher friend in a primary grade who gave each student a small bubble to show use with thinking strategy lessons also. Lots of possibilities!

  4. Well, just this week I made thinking bubbles and speech bubbles. With my autistic kids that are working on perspective taking I am going to get pictures out, or use magazine pictures, etc and we will place the speech/thinking bubbles (blank) on the pictures and the kids need to come up with "what are they thinking" and "what are they saying."

  5. You could use them as a study guide - write a question on one and ask a student to fill in the second one with the correct answer!

  6. Comic book strips (my district uses this for ELD time), punctuation practice, predictions or inferences, any type of writing. Also, you could use the bubbles next to objects for a lesson on resources- ie: the tree could tell us it is used to make pencils, houses, etc.

  7. Maybe they could post book recommendations in the classroom library--the book backdrop makes them look like experts.

    The uses for the speech bubbles themselves are endless-love that idea!

    1. Wow! You all have such great ideas! Thanks!!