Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Day of Remembrance

I have to apologize for the lack of posts recently.  I feel as thought I've been swallowed by a new school year and a new position.  It has certainly brought its challenges in just a few short days!  I promise to be back soon with new posts.  However, I had to stop in to acknowledge the day.

It is September 11th.  It is a September 11th filled with all the emotions and memories it brings.  Rather than blog about it again, I will simply leave you with THIS LINK to my post last year regarding the day.  Living so close to New York, it was a day that greatly changed the lives of many in my community.  I think we have all been touched by the tragedy in some way, regardless of where we live.  Let us always keep those loved ones and heroes lost to us in our prayers.

See you soon with some new posts, 
but until then take a minute to hold those you love close and be thankful that you can.


  1. I have been using this song by a couple of my friends as a discussion starter with my music students: http://youtu.be/aP9X1EGQED8
    It is an interesting experience talking about this with my students when most of them were not even born when this happened.

  2. Can I be the first to say I really miss you posting on your blog. I have aways looked forward to reading your posts and hearing about all you wonderful ideas that you share. My students and I just played Heartbreaker for the 1st time this school year. Now every day my kids say "When are we going to play that heart game?" Thanks for the wonderful teacher tips! I hope everything is okay and that you will be back to posting very soon!

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