Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Testing Treats!

My friends are currently in the midst of our yearly state testing.  Our 5th graders are testing this week and the 4th will test next week.  I will be administering both weeks as I'm doing small group testing.  This would be friends with IEPs and 504s that call for specific testing conditions and/or accommodations.

This week I am testing a small group of five.  They are a great group of kids that I have worked with last year and/or this year.  My 5th graders have four days of testing this week, two days of ELA and two days of math.  They truly are giving their best effort with, what is for them, some challenging material.  State standardized tests are tough for these guys, but I couldn't be more proud of them.

Since tomorrow is their last day of testing, I decided to end with a reward treat.  It was totally a last minute thought, so I scrambled after school today to find something.  I found some great freebie treat testing themed labels that I wanted to share with you.  I know many of you have finished testing, so this is too late for you.  But, this is definitely something to download and have in your files for next year.

Since it was a last minute scramble, I searched around and found a fantastic collection of free treat labels by Danielle Mastandrea.  The download has seven different labels, six to a page, that have a cute graphic with a motivational testing saying.  Since we are finishing, I used, "Testing is o-fish-ally over!"  A quick print on card stock, a quick stop at the grocery store to pick up a pack of snack-sized rainbow Goldfish, and done!  I just cut them out, taped them to the cracker bag, and I'm good to go.  The way I taped them left room on the back of each tag to write a short "well done!" note to each.  This honestly took me no time at all to do.

The other six labels are more geared to be given before and during testing with sayings such as:

  • "Today you will GLOW when you show what you know." (glow sticks)
  • "You're a Smartie pants!" (Smarties candy)
  • "You're a star bursting with knowledge!" (Starburst candy)
  • "Blow the test out of the water!" (Blowpops lollipops)
  • "You are one smart cookie!" (cookies!)
  • "You're an expert.  You're on a roll. Do your best, and show what you know!" (Tootsie Rolls or Fruit Roll-Ups)
I like that there are a couple not candy related.  Perfect for those friends with allergies or schools with a no candy policy.  The tags are all really cute with great fonts and adorable clip-art.  So, if you are looking for a quick way to motivate your friends during testing, these tags do the job!

I should mention that there are tons of motivational testing tags available on the Tpt site, but this set was one of the nicest I saw.  And, it's a free download!  If you do download it, be sure to leave Danielle a great rating for her great product!