Saturday, May 31, 2014

Weekend Words: I Like to Party!

Probably the truest statement you will ever read about me!  I remember as a kid, during family parties I would squirrel away in my bedroom and read.  My mother used to have to come and drag me out of the room to socialize with my family!  Yeah, I was that kid!

Speaking of books (and some upcoming posts). . .

  • Earlier this week I went to an AMAZING workshop by Stephanie Harvey.  You probably know her best from her book Strategies That Work. I think she is just so on target with her thinking and her books.  I will share some of the workshop with you soon.
  • Finally, for those of us still teaching (I am until June 26th!) summer reading plans are in the works.  I will share later this weekend a little "summer reading - favorite book" project I organized for fifteen classroom in my school.  It turned out to be a cute end of the year mini-project.
For now, I'm off to "party!" :-)

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