Friday, September 30, 2011

It's All in the DaFont!

I tend to create a lot of work pages, posters, reference sheets and more for my friends.  When I do, I like to use a font that sort of kicks it up a notch.  I've even been known to throw some wacky font in my planbook to match the activity, a sure sign I need to get a life!  I thought I would share with you my go to place for amazing, FREE fonts.  It's a site called  I love it like I love chocolate! 
If you need a font, they have it.  It's especially great for teachers.  It's where I got the different fonts I used on the cover of my anchor chart binder.  I wish I could show you some of the fonts I have downloaded, but Blogger won't let me.  However, these are some that I use a lot:

Janda Scrapgirl
smiley monster
doctor soos bold
mr and mrs popsicle
action jackson
print clearly

There are tons of them, and you can pick how you search for them.  You can pick by style, theme, holiday, etc.  I just downloaded a font called Autumn Gifts.  I want to make a fall subway art poster for my dining room later, and this will be a great font for it. 

I have a PC with Windows.  This is how installing the font works for me. Once you find the font you want:
  1. Click "download"
  2. When the next screen pops up, click on "Open"
  3. Another screen will pop up with the file in it.  Sometimes there is more than one file for the font.  Click the one that says "True type font file."
  4. Then, click "Install"  It only takes a second and then you can close all the windows that opened.  At this point, it should be listed in your fonts.
If you get a chance, visit  It's fun just to browse around.  If you find a great font, please come back and share it's name and how you might use it!  I can't tell you how many times seeing a certain font has inspired an idea rather than having an idea and then searching for the font.  There are so many, it's hard to keep up with all they offer!  By the way, this is completely personal recommendation. knows nothing of me or my little blog. :-)

*I'm taking the weekend off from blogging, so I will see you all on Monday.  Have a great weekend!  And, thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. I love! If you wanted to share what some of the fonts look like, you could create a small poster (using the names of the fonts) and share the image on Blogger. At least I think you can do that. :)

  2. Thanks so much. Love your blog - especially the photos!

  3. Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you like the dafont. And thanks for the kind words about my little blog!

  4. I followed the steps, but then don't see where it says "install".....please email me

  5. Great printable! Have you heard of Teacher Sherpa? It is a great resource for teachers and homeschoolers

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