Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pinterest Valentine's Day

I have been thinking about what to do with my friends this Valentine's Day.   

For the past ten years or so Valentine's Day celebrations have essentially been banned in my school.   The ban went into effect when one year there was a ton of "He/She likes me, doesn't like me!" high drama.   This year we have a new principal who is happy to let us celebrate Valentine's Day with our friends.  I'm delighted!!! 

So, what to do? What to do?  I have to stay away from the chocolate because I have two friends with allergies and EPI pens this year. I needed some non-chocolate treat ideas.  I also needed some craft ideas. 

Well, being home sick has given me plenty of time to play around on Pinterest.  Perhaps the best part of being sick so far. :-)  I have come across a bunch of ideas that look like a lot of fun, and you know I'm all about the sharing!

To Give My Friends
My friends always need bookmarks, and these are super cute.  This is from the blog One Fantastic Housewife.  I am so doing this over the weekend!  Watch out Home Depot!  I'm coming for your paint strips!

If I knew where to get a bunch of bouncy balls, I might do this one.  It's from the blog The Creative Mama.

A Craft To Do
This one is from the blog A Day in My Life.  I think I'm going to do this one in class with my friends on Tuesday.  It would be a great card to take home and give their parents.

The hearts below are from The Peanut Paintshop.  I'm doing this one as is for my own family.  It's so cute!  I thought in school, you could use ribbon and construction paper to make a few with all your friends' names.  Or, this could be another great craft to do where each friend does one for their family and gets to take it home.  I think I may need to incorporate some glitter in this project!

If we are keeping things healthy, this is a great idea.  The link is to an Etsy shop, Twig and Thistle, that sells food safe stickers with these sayings on them. 

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner, it's a little late to order them for this year.  I was thinking instead you could always use a fancy font with a cute image and print it out on a half sheet of paper.  Then, you could put that on your friends' desks with the fruit on top.  Here are some other sayings:
You are the APPLE of my eye!
I'm BANANAS over you!
ORANGE you so sweet!
I like you BERRY MUCH!

Okay, enough of that healthy stuff!  Here is an idea from the blog Primary Perspective. All you need is some Fruit by the Foot.  While I don't think I would go with the "I love you" I would go with the "Always put your best foot forward" part.  A great message from a teacher.

Primary Perspective has a bunch more Valentine treat ideas for other candies.  She also has printables for each one.  Looks like a great blog.

Some Planning Required
These are really cute and I think your friends would love getting one with their own picture.  You would need to have take and print the pictures out ahead of time, which makes these a no go for me this year since I'm out sick.  There's no link because it was just "uploaded by user."  They are pretty easy to make though.  Just Have your friend hold their fist up, and take the picture from a bit above them.  Once you print them out, make a slit with an Exacto knife above and below their fist and insert the lollipop.

For this, you would need to have the heart shaped pan, but they are just too stinkin' cute!  The link will take you to the blog A Sprinkle of This, which has a printable for the circle you put the crayons on.

Of course, I am going to play a monster game of Heartbreakers with my friends. 

We are going to play an across the curriculum game.  It's a fun way to quiz them in all the different curriculum areas.  It's also a game they consider fun to play, yet from a teacher perspective is still a learning experience and keeps them from getting too nuts!
So, those are just some of the goodies I found on Pinterest.  What I posted here is only the tip of the iceberg.  There are a gazillion ideas on Pinterest.  I'm leaving you with one final goody.  It's not for your friends, but for you and your family.  I mean, let's be honest.  How sad would life be without. . .

Heart Shaped BACON!!!
I know!!!!  So heart unhealthy, but soooo yummy!!!!   It's from the blog The Paper Mama.  She gives you all the directions.  It's actually quick and easy to do.

So, what are you doing with your friends on Valentine's Day?


  1. Looove the paint strip bookmarks!! Hitting up a Home Depot tomorrow for sure!!

    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. Yes defentilliy doing that if u want a more ideas to go with that scroll down where u see the second anomys name!

  2. LOVE the tootie pop picture cards!! I'm soooo stealing that!

  3. Please consider that Home Depot and other stores do not have these samples for projects, but for customers wanting to purchase paint. Please ask first.

    1. Hi Anon. I totally agree, and you will be happy to know that I ALWAYS ask first! Happily, I can tell you that Home Depot and Lowes have always been very happy to let me have what I need. Of course, if they said no I would totally understand! However, I am glad you pointed it out. I should have mentioned in the post the importance of being respectful of the business owners.

  4. Awsome ideas u could also use balloons and lollipopos with the book mark like put the bookmark in the ballon and then tie candys to the end of the ballon and with a note but leave the bookmark a surprise till they see it so u could even put it in a locker if u could sneak it in there or wherever u think it should go.

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  8. Thanks so much. I'm not doing any of these, but I have some ideas.

  9. Love the book mark idea! Where did you get the heart shaped hole punch?

    1. Most craft stores carry them. Maybe even Walmart.

  10. They will give you as many as you want. I have used them many times for projects at my preschool

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