Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

If you read my last post from the 13th, you would have read that I had plans to blog at least twice a week over the summer.  Okay, so today is the 23rd and no posts until now.  So, what happened?
I have been doing some science and social studies curriculum writing for my district.  It has taken more of my time than I had anticipated.  Probably because the district needs it done about two weeks sooner than they had originally requested.  The good news is I'm almost done.  I'm hoping my next post is a reflection on one of the professional books I read recently about reading workshop.  There are about 4 good books I wanted to get in over the summer.  I'm on the second one now.  I'm not sure if I will get to them all.  I would like some non-school related time this summer.  Between the curriculum writing and the professional reading, I feel like the school year hasn't ended. 

I was thinking about some other posts I want to do as well.  I have been putting a lot of thought in about how I want to set up my classroom this year.  Sadly, I can't get in to my room until the last week of August, so there won't be any picture posts about that until then.  I know I am going to be jealous of you teachers out there who are able to get in your rooms earlier.  Then again, maybe I will be able to pick up some good ideas from you all!

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