Saturday, July 30, 2011

Classroom Magnets

After finally completing the curriculum work, I need a bit of break from serious school stuff.  This means I have yet to write the post on the guided reading book recently read. 

 Instead, I decided to get my craft on! 

I have been totally obsessed with Pinterest these days.  Hours, and truly I mean HOURS, of the last few days have been delightfully lost roaming their boards. It's sort of like a giant bulletin board of images.  You can search any category or topic.  If you haven't checked it out yet, GO!

Super strong magnets I made with my own two little glue gun burned hands!

I have found many classroom craft ideas there that I couldn't wait to try.  I have two done, and two I am mid-project.  Today, I am going to show you how I made these amazing magnets for my classroom. I saw them on several different boards and thought it was just what I needed.  It seems I am always looking for magnets for my whiteboard.  Buying them can get expensive, so this project is not only useful, but frugal.

Here's what you need: 
  • A bag of clear gems from the dollar store ($1)
  • Any color/pattern paper.  I used solid colored scrapbook paper I had.  ($0)
  • Mod Podge.  I was out and had to purchase some.  Glad I had a coupon!  ($3)
  • Glue gun, which I had ($0)
  • Magnets.  I used the strong, black circle magnets. I had 4 and purchased some more. They came in a pack of 8.  ($3) 
In all, this project cost me $7 to make 12 magnets.  I purchased my supplies at A.C. Moore, a local craft store.  Not bad considering I am using the Mod Podge on several other projects.  If I purchase another pack of magnets all the other supplies are on hand, and I have 8 more magnets for just $3.  If you have purchased strong, decorative magnets you know they can be costly. 

So, here's how it works.  Trace the clear gem on your colored paper.  Then, cut the circle a little smaller than what you traced.  Use the Mod Podge to glue the paper to the flat side of the gem. I spread the glue on one side of the paper and stuck it on the gem.  Make sure you smoosh it down a little so it really sticks.  I then let it sit overnight.  The next day, I glued the magnet to the construction paper side of the gem.  That's all you need to do.  Easy Peasy!

Here's a shot of the back of the magnet.
And, here are some more back shots!

It really was so easy.  And, they are really strong.  I think they will hold up heavier charts and laminated posters without a problem.  Below is a side view of them on my fridge.  They pop out just enough that it's easy to pick them up and move them around.

Just enough room for hands big and small to move them easily.

And, this is how my completed magnets make me feel. . .

 Tomorrow, I will show you my second Pinterest inspired classroom craft.

7/31/11 UPDATE!  I went to Michael's today.  It's another craft store.  I found the same magnets I used in this craft at a much cheaper price!  The package below of 50 magnets cost $7.00, that's only 14 cents a magnet.  I'm planning on making some for my coworkers as a small back to school gift.


  1. Hi Nancy! I LOVE these magnets, and I made a bunch for my classroom. Thanks for sharing... they're super useful! I wrote about your idea in my classroom pictures post. Hope you'll stop by!

  2. I made these for my mil as a Christmas present but instead of scrapbook paper I printed out pictures of her family then did the same procedure you did, she loved them. Would be so cute to do pics of your students then let them have them at the end of the year or keep them year to year! Would love to know if you use my idea! Maureen (

  3. great idea, I used them as class numbers for lunch count