Sunday, July 31, 2011

Staples! My New BFF!

Staples Office Supply and I have always been good friends.  I visit my friend Staples all the time.  In fact, it's possible our relationship was somewhat codependent.  He would send me a sales flyer, and I would go spend my money.  Well, things have just gotten more serious between us. 

You know those amazingly cheap deals on school supplies they run each week around this time?  Deals like notebooks or crayons for only ten cents, limit 2 per a person?  Did you know teachers are exempt from the 2 per a person rule?  Did you know we can purchase up to 25 of each item?   I HAD NO IDEA!  And, this is how Staples went from being my friend, to being my new BFF!  (Can you tell I've been hanging out around ten year olds for far too long?) ;-)  Check out my haul today:
Ignore my blender in the background.  Yeah, that so wasn't a ten cent purchase!
So, specifically what was this week's sale?  And, what did I get?  Lots for just ten cents each!

25 packs of yellow Sharpie highlihters for $2.50
That's 50 highlighters people!!

25 packs of #2 pencils for $2.50
Pencils is a battle I choose not to fight.  I'm not getting upset if you don't have a pencil.  Go grab one from the supply table.  As teachers, we have to pick and choose our battles, and the pencil thing is one I am not fighting!

25 packs of 3x5 ruled index cards for $2.50
I am practically giddy about this one!  I never seem to have enough of these even though I request it as a school supply every child needs.  I'm going to have to do a post on the millions of different ways I use these in my classroom soon.

There is just one catch to the deal.  You have to spend $5 on some other merchandise.  Then, you can buy up to 25 each of the super sale items.  NO PROBLEM!  I found an 18 pack of sticky notes for exactly $5.  That's another item we use like crazy, so I can never have enough stick notes.

So, that's the Staples deal.  As I wrote, you may have already known about this.  If so, why didn't someone tell me? ;-)  If you didn't know, you're welcome! 

I'm thinking that I may run by again later in the week and pick up some more index cards.  You know I will be closely checking out that sales flyer each week from now on!  Staples, I love you!


  1. Hi Nancy! I absolutely LOVE your blog. You are such a fantastic and organized teacher, I have learned so much from you just reading your posts. Your friends are all very lucky to have you in their lives. I love your idea about documenting the many uses for post-it notes (I am a middle-school reading teacher)... I was also wondering if you might also post about all the different uses you have for your clipboards?

    1. Hi JM. Thanks for reading my blog! I've never given any thought to how I use my clipboards, but I will now. I do have a few different uses for them. I see a new blog topic to post about here! Thanks for the inspiration. :-)