Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to School Student Supply Lists

There's only so much a teacher can buy!!  And, that brings me to the student supply list.  What do you ask your little friends to purchase?  Below is the link to my supply list for my friends.

I have a secret.  Don't tell anyone, but. . .  I actually feel guilty asking my students to bring so much.  But as I noted before, there's only so much a teacher can buy!  In the days of budget cuts, more and more falls on the families to purchase.  Luckily, my students generally bring in everything on the list.  If they can't, then I fill in the gaps. 

My list changes year to year.  I've tried streamlining the list as much as I can in an effort to keep the cost down for my parents.  For example, this year I have a ton of tabbed dividers for their binders and a bunch on notebooks I purchased at Staples for ten cents each.  I was able to take those items off their supply list this year. 

How do you handle school supplies? 
Do your friends bring them in or do you have to make do?


  1. Hi Nancy,

    For my school supply list, I too am guilty like you as to getting my students to buy a lot. What I did though to save money, was to go to a wholesaler and the supplies would work out to be cheaper. I also tried to negotiate the prices there to save some money. Hope that helps.

  2. Great bl;og! As for school supplies, I have taught 20+ years and have honed down to last year's list costing the parents under $3.00 (WalMart prices) and there were still a majority of students who came without supplies. We have to be very creative and resourceful because of this problem.