Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Funny Friends

While working in my classroom yesterday morning, I came across a paper that brought this event to mind.  I just had to post it for your enjoyment.
Adventures in Research Reports on the 13 Colonies. . .

Last year, my class completed research reports on the 13 colonies.  In the midst of researching, one of my friends came to me from the laptop he had been working on with a puzzled look on his face.

Friend:  "Every time I search for my colony, I keep getting stuff about colonial cancer.  Is that one of the diseases the English gave the Native Americans?"

Me:  "Ahhh, wait. . . what?  You keep getting what?"

Friend, in an exasperated tone:  "Colonial cancer!  Is that one of the diseases the English gave the Native Americans?

Me:  "Ummm. . . let me take a look at your screen."

We walk over to his laptop, and I take a look at his search bar.

Me:  "No, that is not one of the disease the English gave the Native Americans.  In fact, why don't we start this search over and spell colonial correctly."

In case you were wondering, searching colon instead of colonial will give you many an article on colon cancer but not so much on colonial life!

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