Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 11-15 Fail!

In case you didn't notice, it is well past days 11-15 of the December School Day Photo Challenge.  And, I was doing so well the first two weeks!  Sort of disappointed that I couldn't/didn't follow through with the last week.  I'll give you a day by day rundown of how things went afoul!

My last post was on Friday, December 13th.  It was Day 10 of the challenge.  I usually write my Monday post on the Sunday before, so I will start there.

Sunday, December 15th - Spent the day prepping for the coming week as that night I went out to dinner and then to see The Nutcracker ballet.  Every year around Christmas I try to get to at least one holiday show.  I wish I could say it was a fun night, but the dinner (at a pretty expensive restaurant) was awful and the show wasn't much better.  I would have been better off staying home and writing my post! I was really disappointed because I have always wanted to see The Nutcracker ballet.  I'm not going to let this sour me, though.  Next year, I'm going to get tickets to see it at Lincoln Center.  They have it there every year, and it can't help but be better than what we endured.

Monday, December 16th (Day 11 of the Challenge)- Start of the last week of school before winter recess!  To say the kids were a little nuts this week would be an understatement! Had planned to catch up on my missed post when I got a phone call asking if I would please come over and watch The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 2 with my little cousins.  How can I say no to that?! Especially when the kid asking doesn't say please but pleathes! Missing teeth make pronunciation hard! :-)  My cousin's kids were totally into ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas programming this year.  So, no post written on Monday.

Tuesday, December 17th (Day 12 of the Challenge) - Nothing fun.  First of two dentist appointments after work and grocery shopping for cookie baking supplies.  After that?  Just totally forgot about blogging!  I had dinner and went to bed.  Womp! Womp!
Wednesday, December 18th (Day 13 of the Challenge) - This year, we had two Christmas shows planned.  As The Nutcracker was a bust, I had high hopes for this night.  We went to Madison Square Garden Theater to see A Christmas Story the Musical.  It was AMAZING!!!

If you are ever in New York and get a chance to see anything at the MSG Theater, go!  The theater is fairly small so there is not a bad seat in the house.  As for the musical, it was great.  It followed the movie pretty closely.  The leg lamp song and dance was really good, and there were lots of laugh out loud moments.  We didn't get home until around 1 AM, and I had school in a few hours so no blog writing that night!  Now, can we just have a moment of silence to admire how well little Ralphie grew up in real life?!! ;-)

Thursday, December 19th (Day 14 of the Challenge)- A very tired school day.  I was much more tired than I thought I would be.  I was so tired I actually had a headache all day. But, somehow I managed to make it to our school's staff holiday party that night.  Yeah, I'm a trooper like that!  Does your school do a holiday party?  We have ours in a local restaurant and have an gift swap that is always a lot of fun.  However, I was exhausted and crawled right into bed when I got home.  No blog post.

Friday, December 20th (Day 15 of the Challenge)- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL BEFORE VACATION!!!  You know what craziness this day brings.  Lots of class parties, gift giving, happy teachers, and giddy children. We had a half day, which was a wonderful thing because I was still crazy tired.  It was like I just couldn't catch up from a few late nights.  After school, I did a little Christmas shopping and then just went home.  Way to tired to even think about blogging.  At this point, I knew it just wasn't going to happen.

Saturday, December 21st - Holiday Shopping and Lunch with Friends!  Fun Day! But, still so tired and a headache that wouldn't go away. No blogging.

Sunday, December 22nd - Cookie Baking!  I had planned to do some more involved cookies on this day and bake all the drop cookies on Monday.  It was so nice to have a weekend off before Christmas. It gave me so much time to get things done.  This was the first year I had ever made some fancy cut-out cookies, so I needed that extra time!
Monday, December 23rd - Woke up knowing I was getting sick. I didn't feel awful but knew something was up.  I had a dentist appointment in the morning and went right to the doctor from there.  Turns out what I thought was just a sinus infection was a sinus infection and strep. By three that afternoon, I was down and out!  I didn't get off the couch until the next day.

Tuesday, December 24th and Wednesday, December 25th - It really stinks to be sick at Christmas.  Especially when you wake up on Christmas morning and find that you have been given the additional gift of pink eye in both eyes!  Like I needed one more illness! 
That would be a chalkboard mug I got from one of my students.  I can tell you I have been drinking a lot of tea from that mug the past few days!  I basically spent a couple of hours with family on the 24th and 25th to open gifts, but was asleep the rest of the time.  They just had to make merry without me this year!  And all those cookies I baked?  Yeah, all thrown out.  I didn't want to take the chance of getting my entire family sick. So instead of those pretty cut out cookies on the left, it was the bakery cookies on the right for all!
Thursday, December 26th - Back to the doctor for the pink eye and much more sleeping!
Friday, December 27th - Today.  This evening is the first time I have felt somewhat human, so here I am blogging!  Blogging and trying to figure out what to do with all these baking supplies I never used!
Hopefully, you can now see why the third week of my December School Day Photo Challenge turned out to be a fail.  BUT, I don't count it as a total fail.  The point of it all was to get me back to blogging, and it did. At least for the first two weeks!  I blogged for ten of the fifteen challenge days.  Not too bad! 
Having said that, I am signing off until after the New Year.  I feel like I've lost so  much of my vacation being sick, I want to take some time to enjoy these remaining days.  I hope your vacation has been a good one.  I will see you in 2014! 
Happy New Year!

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