Sunday, December 1, 2013

December School Day Photo Challenge

So, I didn't blog for the entire month of November! 
Since I've started this blog, that has never happened! 
I've never gone that long without blogging. There's LOTS that has been going on, both in school and at home, but much of it I can't really blog about.  In looking back, I'm amazed at how the time got away from me.  I didn't even check my blog email in all that time, and there were some great emails that I want to share with you in a later post.   In order to get back on track with my blog, I've created a
December School Day Photo Challenge.

The goal was to come up with some way to make sure I blog this month. Trying to get back in the swing of things!  I wanted something that would make me have to come back and post something, at least a picture, each day.  I saw lots of different December Photo A Day Challenges out there and was going to just grab one.  Then, I realized I needed to be a bit more realistic.  With Christmas coming, I'm probably not going to get to blog on most weekends.  Heck, this time of year it's going to be tough enough to do during the week!  So, with that in mind, I created a challenge that limits itself to just the school days in December.  For me, it's just the first three weeks.  After that, we are on winter recess. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then, I wanted a challenge that had a holiday theme but could in some way relate to school since my blog is mainly education focused.  So, take a look at the challenge below. 

The goal is to make each holiday idea connect to something school related.  Then, take a picture of it that day and post it with a little explanation of how it connects.  It's just 15 days of blogging.  I should be able to keep up with that, right?  I hope!  If you would like to join in, please feel free to copy the picture and use it on your blog.  Maybe just leave a comment that you are doing it so we can all check in and follow each other.  I would do it as a linky thing, but I have no idea how to do that! 
And, I know it starts tomorrow, but it's okay if you jump in late. 
The more the merrier!


  1. I am going to try and do the photo a day with ya... I haven't blogged since the end of July. This is just what I needed!

  2. I am going to try and do this too! We'll see what happens though! I can't wait to see what you post though!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade