Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 3 - Family

Day 3 - Family

Family for me this week means parent-teacher conferences.  In fact, that's what I am doing today. We have two days for conferences.  Our students have half-days both days.  One day, we have afternoon conferences that begin pretty much as soon as the kids go home.  The next day, we have evening conferences.  I always wish we had a bit more time with conferences, but somehow we always make it work.

The photo-a-day pic above is the schedule that is hanging on my classroom door. I've blocked out the personal info for obvious reasons.  Since I work with several different teachers, I pretty much hop from room to room to conference with the homeroom teachers.  It makes for a pretty busy day.  I'm constantly watching the clock.  It can be messy sometimes if the homeroom teacher is running behind, but again we somehow always make it work! As I do travel to different classrooms, I put the location of each conference on the schedule.  It lets parents who may have forgotten know where they need to be, and posting the schedule lets any drop in parents know when I will be available in my room.  

Since I am busy with conferences this week, I am going to refer you back to a previous post I wrote in 2011 called "They're Back."  CLICK HERE  if you would like to read the post.  It pretty much tells how I run conferences, gives some tips on preparing for your conferences, and an idea for how to have a stress free conversation with your parents.

Happy Conferencing!

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